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Ntsambu ("sagou")

Ntsambu are a special occasion meal - This produce cannot be found outiside Comoros except when travellers bring some kilograms back home in their luggage

Ntsambu is a typically comorian starchy bean which caused a war between  sultanates of Washili and Hamahame. when inhabitants of Hamahame went into Washili to steal ntsambu. Preparing ntsambu requires a special skill for which Washili people are renowned.

 Crop the fruits when young, break the shell, and split the nut in two halves.
Let them dry into the sun during two days.

 Wrap the nuts in banana tree leaves, and burry them during 5 days to allow them to fermentate, covering them with banana wood.

 Take them off, wash them, and boil the nuts for two hours to remove the bad smell from fermentation.

 Cut them in small pieces, and boil them again into a large saucepan with coconut extract (milk) and grilled fish pieces (never with meat).


Recipe extracted and adapted from "La Cuisine dans les cérémonies coutumières comoriennes"
by Dossar Bacar Nadia, end of school thesis, ENES, Mvouni, 1986