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Abdou, chef of restaurant "La Grillade", rue de l'AJP Pamandzi-Mayotte, presents you the recipe of chicken pilaou.

Ingredients for 4 servings :

500g of chicken pieces, 500g of rice, three large onions, garlic, butter, 1 spoon of tomato concentrate. Spices : salt, pepper, curcuma, cardamon, cinnamon, cloves. For side salad : onions, shredded carots or papaya, vinegar.

Cooking instructions :

Mash the spices with garlic. wash the rice. Fry the chicken in butter and remove from saucepan, and put the rice within. Add onions (previously minced), spices, tomato concentrate and chicken. Cover with boiling water and let it cook at low heat until rice is totally cooked (adding hot water if necessary).

prepare and season the side salad, with salt pepper, and a little vinegar and water so that the salad is slightly deeped in water.

Serve separately the rice dish and the side salad (to be used as a condiment)... and enjoy !