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Pointe de Sima
Pointe de Sima vue depuis le sommet de l'île de la selle (Anjouan) - (c) O. Bergossi Mwezinet 2014
Nioumachoi et le parc marin des îlots
La ville de Nioumachoi et le parc marin des îlots (Mohéli) - (c) O. Bergossi Mwezinet 2014
L'îlot Ouenefou
L'îlot Ouenefou (par marin de Mohéli) vu depuis son sommet - (c) O. Bergossi Mwezinet mai 1993
Plage Majouani
La plage Majouani près de Sima (Anjouan) - (c) O. Bergossi Mwezinet 1995
Béléa et massif Trindrini
Béléa et massif Trindrini vu depuis son sommet Ntingui (Anjouan) - (c) O. Bergossi Mwezinet 1995
Fonds marins aux îlots Nioumachoi
Fonds marins aux îlots Nioumachoi (Mohéli) - (c) O. Bergossi Mwezinet 1995
Un coelacanthe chez un taxidermiste
Un coelacanthe chez un taxidermiste à Mustamudu - copyright O. Bergossi 1993
Mayotte island (Maoré)
Hotel MaharajahHotel Restaurant
thumb_logo Maharadja
Located in the center of Mamoudzou, Hotel MAHARAJAH welcomes you in a pleasant contemporary setting. The hotel has spacious and comfortable rooms, allowing guests to customize their stay according to their needs, in short or long stay.... More information

Mamoudzou - Mayotte

Price: 115 to 217 euros

Hotel SakouliBungalows
The Sakouli hotel Hotel Restaurant 3 stars, located on the south coast of the island of Mayotte in a haven of peace, facing the lagoon, protected by coral reefs, built on a long sandy beach dominated by baobabs, nestled in a tropical garden refreshed by its infinity pool is an invitation to rest.... More information

Bandrélé - Mayotte

Price: 150 euros

Le Jardin MaoréBungalows
South of the island, 45 kms from Mamoudzou (50 minutes by car), The Garden Maoré enjoys a privileged position in many respects: it is lying on the beautiful beach of Ngouja, one of the most beautiful, very popular with sea turtles, nestled in a beautiful tropical garden, rich & varied scent gasoline which houses a stunning wildlife.... More information

Kani-Kéli - Mayotte

Price: 83 to 260 euros

Le TrévaniBungalows

Trevani - Mayotte

Price: 119 euros

Hôtel Le RocherHotel Restaurant

Dzaoudzi - Mayotte

Price: 75 to 120 euros

Les BaobabsGuest houses

Bandrele - Mayotte

Price: 90 euros

Domaine de KavaniHotel Restaurant

Mamoudzou - Mayotte

Price: 55 euros

Hôtel CaribouHotel Restaurant

Mamoudzou - Mayotte

L'Oasis HôtelHotel Restaurant

Mamoudzou - Mayotte

Price: 50 euros

Les Bangas-lowsBungalows

Bandrele - Mayotte

Le Relais ForestierGuest houses

Combani - Mayotte

Price: 65 euros

IsijivaHotel Restaurant

Cavani M'tsapéré - Mayotte

Price: 25 to 50 euros

Les couleursGuest houses
A guest house located on "Petite-Terre" island.... More information

Dzaoudzi-Labattoir - Mayotte

Price: 60 to 80 euros

pension Faida MayotteBoarding House

Pamandzi - Mayotte

Price: 40 to 75 euros


Mamoudzou - Mayotte

Price: 25 euros

Villa MaoraGuest houses

Kangani - Mayotte

Price: 66 euros

la résidenceHotel Restaurant
thumb_la residence kaweni site 1
"La Résidence" has rooms, furnished and equipped studios and bungalows, an its own restaurant.... More information

97600 Kaweni - Mayotte

Price: 55 to 65 euros

Toit de May'HôteHotel Restaurant
thumb_toit may-hote site1
The "Toit de May'hôte" (meaning roof of Mayotte) is a cottage that offers panoramic views of the lagoon and the forests and mountains of Mayotte. The accommodation offers six comfortable rooms, and tasty dishes proposed all week. ... More information

Passamainty - Mayotte

Price: 45 to 60 euros

La Colombe (maison de la paix)Hotel
thumb_La colombe site1
Located in the heart of Mamoudzou, the residence La Colombe is a secure hotel and ideally located just minutes from the barge leading to La Petite Terre, near the hospital, the General Council, the shopping places.... More information

Mamoudzou - Mayotte

Price: 85 to 115 euros

le relais des indesHotel Restaurant
thumb_le relais des indes site1
The cottage "Le Relais des Indes" offers its rooms, its restaurant, and services suitable for business seminars and event organization. Pool overlooking the lagoon.... More information

97605 Passamainty - Mayotte

Price: 65 to 140 euros

Coco LodgeHotel Restaurant

Mtsamboro - Mayotte

Price: 45 euros

gîte du mont CombaniHotel Restaurant
thumb_gite mont Combani
On the edge of the forest, the cottage "gîte du Mont Combani" welcomes you in the middle of an old plantation of ylang-ylang. Credit cards not accepted.... More information

97680 COMBANI - Mayotte

Price: 60 to 90 euros

Ma Chambre en VilleGuest houses
thumb_Ma chambre en ville site2 facade
At the heart of the city, close to administrations and hospital, 4 guest rooms of "Ma Chambre en Ville" welcome you for your business or leisure stays.... More information

Mamoudzou - Mayotte

Price: 60 to 65 euros

La Tortue BigotuHotel Restaurant

Mamoudzou - Mayotte

Price: 68 euros

Villa RestonicaGuest houses
thumb_villa Restonica piscine
Villa Restonica is a haven of peace in the middle of luxuriant vegetation where you will discover exotic flowers.... More information

97690 Kongou - Mayotte

Price: 40 to 85 euros

Tata gnagnaGuest houses
thumb_tatagnagna site1
A friendly guest house in the heart of Sada.... More information

Sada - Mayotte

Price: 55 euros

Hôtel IrisHotel

Mamoudzou - Mayotte

Price: 65 euros