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Pointe de Sima
Pointe de Sima vue depuis le sommet de l'île de la selle (Anjouan) - (c) O. Bergossi Mwezinet 2014
Nioumachoi et le parc marin des îlots
La ville de Nioumachoi et le parc marin des îlots (Mohéli) - (c) O. Bergossi Mwezinet 2014
L'îlot Ouenefou
L'îlot Ouenefou (par marin de Mohéli) vu depuis son sommet - (c) O. Bergossi Mwezinet mai 1993
Plage Majouani
La plage Majouani près de Sima (Anjouan) - (c) O. Bergossi Mwezinet 1995
Béléa et massif Trindrini
Béléa et massif Trindrini vu depuis son sommet Ntingui (Anjouan) - (c) O. Bergossi Mwezinet 1995
Fonds marins aux îlots Nioumachoi
Fonds marins aux îlots Nioumachoi (Mohéli) - (c) O. Bergossi Mwezinet 1995
Un coelacanthe chez un taxidermiste
Un coelacanthe chez un taxidermiste à Mustamudu - copyright O. Bergossi 1993

Retaj Moroni

Welcome (Karibu) to the heart of the Comoros, and the remarkable Retaj Moroni, which is perfectly situated close to all the cultural attractions and business centers.
The hotel offers:
04 Executive suites.
35 Rooms with king size beds.
14 Rooms with twin beds.
02 Family rooms.

Island: Grande Comore
Range: Hotel Restaurant
Conference Room
Guarded Parking
W-LAN / WiFi
Air conditioning
Safety box
Aeoport shuttles
Tour guides
Souvenirs shop

Mwezinet comments: At Retaj Moroni you will find the best Comoros accommodation with 55 rooms and suites offered by Retaj Hotels & Hospitality.
Rooms: Room Single + breakfast: 90 € double / Twin + breakfast: 126 € VIP Single + breakfast: 145 € VIP double + breakfast: 155 €
Restaurant: The restaurants offer local as well as international dishes. You can particularly enjoy the taste of fresh seafood cooked with tropical spices.
Note: Retaj Hotels do not serve alcohol and smoking is prohibited.
Discount: Discount via our website !

Booking: Direct booking MweziNet offer
Payment Methods:
American Express



BP 2502
Moroni - Comores

Contact :

Phone: (+269) 773 52 61/69/78

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