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Pointe de Sima
Pointe de Sima vue depuis le sommet de l'île de la selle (Anjouan) - (c) O. Bergossi Mwezinet 2014
Nioumachoi et le parc marin des îlots
La ville de Nioumachoi et le parc marin des îlots (Mohéli) - (c) O. Bergossi Mwezinet 2014
L'îlot Ouenefou
L'îlot Ouenefou (par marin de Mohéli) vu depuis son sommet - (c) O. Bergossi Mwezinet mai 1993
Plage Majouani
La plage Majouani près de Sima (Anjouan) - (c) O. Bergossi Mwezinet 1995
Béléa et massif Trindrini
Béléa et massif Trindrini vu depuis son sommet Ntingui (Anjouan) - (c) O. Bergossi Mwezinet 1995
Fonds marins aux îlots Nioumachoi
Fonds marins aux îlots Nioumachoi (Mohéli) - (c) O. Bergossi Mwezinet 1995
Un coelacanthe chez un taxidermiste
Un coelacanthe chez un taxidermiste à Mustamudu - copyright O. Bergossi 1993

Hotel Sakouli

The Sakouli hotel Hotel Restaurant 3 stars, located on the south coast of the island of Mayotte in a haven of peace, facing the lagoon, protected by coral reefs, built on a long sandy beach dominated by baobabs, nestled in a tropical garden refreshed by its infinity pool is an invitation to rest.

Island: Mayotte
Range: Bungalows
Beach access
W-LAN / WiFi
Air conditioning

Rooms: Half-board: double from 192 € to 220 €
Restaurant: Our two renowned restaurants are open daily, one lunch around the pool, the other night, in an environment totally in harmony with the site, while wood blinds, ceiling fans in the ceiling, an exotic charm, cuisine that showcases primarily local products.

Booking: Direct booking
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Plage de sakouli - 97660 Bandrélé

Contact :

Phone: (+33) 02 69 60 63 63

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