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Ursule Salima MACHAMBA 1ère, Reine de Mohéli

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    Les Sultans de Moheli mise à jour 22/05/2005

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    The island of Mohéli / Mwali, originally a dependency of the Sultanate of Anjouan, evolved towards a separate political entity in the first part of the 19th century. It became a French protectorate in 1886 (1)

    (1) French interest for the island started in 1843, when a first attempt to establish a protectorate was made. In the course of the following years French influence further increased and on some occasions (in 1861, in 1871) French troops intervened in island affairs.



    Résidents (subordinated to the French administrators of Mayotte)
    1886 - 1887 Louis Hyacinthe Désiré Jules Vincent 1846 - 1894
    1887 - 1888 ... Barneaud*
    1888 - 1889 Edmond Edouard Regnot 1850 -
    1891 1889 ... Barneaud* (2x)

    1889 : The residency of Mohéli was suppressed. The Sultanate became dependent of the Residents of Anjouan. (2)

    (2) From 1897 onwards these residents would be represented in Mohéli by a Chancellor. The first of these was Gustave-Adolphe Paul Emile Dufour (1862 - 19..), who was in office 1897 - 1898.


    Sultans House of Ramanetaka
    ("Malagasy Dynasty")
    (ruled from 1832)
    1867 - 1875 Mohamed bin Saidi Mohamed Nasr M'Kadari 1859 - 1875

    1867 - 1868 Jumbe Sudi "Jumbe Fatima" bint Abderremane°, mother, left for France 1836 - 1878
    1868 - 1871 Joseph Lambert, Duc d'Imerina (3) 1824 - 1873

     1871 - 1875 Jumbe Sudi "Jumbe Fatima" bint Abderremane°, (2x)
    1875 - 1878 Jumbe Sudi "Jumbe Fatima" bint Abderremane° (2x)
    1878 - 1885 Abderremane bin Saidi Mohamed Nasr M'Kadari, son, assassinated 1860 - 1885

    1888-1909 Sultane Salima Machamba bint Hamadi Makadara
    1909-64 Head of the Royal Family  

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    Ursule Salima MACHAMBA
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    She was daughter of Sultane Raketaka (Djoumbe Fatima) and Emile Fleuriot de Lange. Her mother was deposed in 18. Sultan Salima lived in France, she was married to Camille Paule (d. 1946), and never actually reigned. In 1909 was The French annexed the Island in 1909 and "deposed" her, where-after the state was incorporated in the Comoro Islands. She lived (1874-1964) 

    House of Shekhe Mukhtar
    ("Arabic or Mohéli Dynasty")
    (ruled already until 1832)
    1885 - 1886 Mohammed bin Shekhe 1830 -
    1886 - 1888 Marjani bin Abudu Shekhe, nephew, abdicated 1851 -

    Regents (4)

    1888 - 1889 -Fadeli bin Othman -Balia Juma° -Abudu Tsivandini Comoran Princess

    1889 - 1897 Mahmudu bin Mohamed Nasr M'Kadari, deposed (5) 1863 - 1898

    A French trader who, since a convention signed in 1865, owned most of the cultivable lands of the island, in this way being its most powerfull man and its de facto ruler.

    (4) The regents acted for the absent Ursule Salima Machamba° (1876 - 1964), - a daughter of Jumbe Fatima (s.a.) and Emile Charles Marie Fleurot de Langle, a French trader (1... - 1881) - who had been chosen by the French as Sultane.
    She never showed interest for the throne of Mohéli and never came to the island. So the French government didn't insist on her installation and in 1899 replaced her nomination as Sultane by a yearly allowance of 3000 Frs.

    After the assassination of his brother Abderremane, Mahmud had ruled most of the island until 1886 when he was driven out by the French.
    After him, no new regent was appointed and the Kadi of Fomboni now became the highest indigenous authority.

    In 1912 the Sultanate was formally abolished and the island became part of the new French dependency of the Comoros.


    Bob Hilkens on 31 May 2000 email : beerke_beer@yahoo.com